Are Console Games Out – Is the Evolution of Gaming Technology Causing its Extinction?

Console Gaming companies are still doing well in sales thanks to demand, but for how much longer will they be a viable sector of the growing video game industry? Some analysts predict that with online video games growing so rapidly, that the all in one console games could be on their way out. Not so fast say many manufacturers of console games, rather they believe they are evolving with these new venues. Console gaming plus, online interaction with online gaming communities is where it’s at says one executive from a popular console game manufacturing company.

Indeed, why can’t you have the best of both worlds? Sure the older console games end up in the free box at the garage sales or flea markets but not the new stuff, which has more interaction and the latest graphics and speed. Online gaming has some distinct advantages, in that it has increased inflows of venture capital, the latest talent and new advertising revenue streams of major brand names looking to make a connection with the primarily younger gaming demographic.

So the question on many minds of those who follow this sector seems to be; are all-in-one Console Games out and if so is this just the evolution of Gaming Technology, which is causing its extinction? “The older games are definitely out and have lost significant ground to the online gaming communities and the XBox,” stated a gentleman from the Online Think Tank recently. Interactive consoles that can hook up to online gaming communities and be used as self-contained gaming consoles will always be a favored method for the online gaming gamer.

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